One of our hugely successful in-house divisions of ASV Euro Car Parts. We specialise in the repair and reconditioning of front and rear bumper bars, headlights, and even many plastics (if suitable for reconditioning).

Reconditioned Front and Rear Bumper Bars

Regardless of your car make or model if your front or rear plastic bumper bar is damaged (it may be cracked or dinged, not just paint scrapes) it may be repairable to ‘as new’ without a scratch. We firstly analyse the damage and ascertain if it can be repaired and give you a firm quotation. Upon your approval it will be repaired and restored and will be returned to you in basecoat primer, ready for repainting by your panel beater. We may also be able to repair expensive items where plastics have been broken and damaged – such as headlight clips. A huge saving compared to buying a replacement bar.


Reconditioned Headlights

headlight Is your headlight glass looking milky and worn out? Is it hard to see at night? Even embarrassing to look at?

We can remove your headlights and recondition them to ‘as new’ for a mere fraction of the price of a new headlight and still much cheaper than refitting with a used headlight. If your headlight reflector has been damaged by ‘brown out’ this cannot be repaired and a replacement headlight will be required.

Upgrading Headlight Globes

“I wish I had better headlights so I can see when driving at night”….
“I wish I could afford Xenon lights as I really love that “blue” and they make the car look “hot”….
“I cant afford to buy Xenon headlights that will cost me a few thousand dollars for the pair”…..

If you ever thought any of the above statements, you would do very well to consider upgrading your headlight globes. It’s not as costly as you may think, and they are relatively easy to install and can take around 20-30 minutes on average on most cars. If you are having your headlights reconditioned and fitted by our workshops, we won’t charge any extra labour to install them, so that truly is FREE INSTALLATION!

With all the new technologies in lighting today, there is absolutely no need to do what so many people in the past have done, and many are still doing, and install aftermarket fog lamps or beams on the front of their vehicle. These can detract from the original look of the car and to install them properly would also involve an auto electrician to upgrade the wiring or relays on the vehicle – no matter how old the vehicle is.

We stock the Philips automotive premier lighting range to suit all tastes and budgets, as well as the standard Philips range. There are many different options and the range is always changing for the better.

Are they reliable and will they give my car any trouble?

Philips is a major supplier to vehicle manufacturers world-wide. The Philips replacement globes still use the identical amount of voltage, thus are a direct replacement, hence will not give you any trouble at all. The current range of Philips globes deliver a range of brightness from up to 100% more light, whilst giving you up to a 35 metre longer beam, or there are globes that give your vehicle’s headlights and foglights the Xenon appearance. There is no power drain on your vehicle’s electrical system, so they are safe to use.

Have you already tried to install brighter globes and found that your headlights have turned brown,or the globes have blown within a few months? Don’t purchase inferior globes which use far more power, and consequently heat, which in turn burns your headlight reflector. This is what we call in the industry “brown out”, and thus ruining your headlight efficiency. An example of these globes are 130W/80W, of which no vehicle’s headlights are designed to cope with and even more damage will be caused to newer modern style headlights on vehicles today as many are not made of glass any more. There are also many different makers of these high performance globes in the market, and a huge percentange fail within a few months, so always beware of the quality and reliability and not just the price! The Philips performance globes have a life expectancy of 18-24 months with average use and, depending on usage, will last even longer with less than average use.

What types of globes can I replace with a more efficient brighter globe?

Philips manufacture the complete standard range of replacement globes for any globe in your vehicle. In regard to brighter more efficient globes, known as performance globes, Philips manufacture the following globes to suit various applications as follows:

Headlight Globes including High Beam Globes – H1, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, HB1, HB5, HB3 and HB4 Globes
Foglamp Globes – H3, H8, H9, HB3 and HB4
Park Globes and Side Indicators – 5W Wedge Globes
Xenon H.I.D. Genuine Replacement Globes – D2S, D2R, D1S, D1R – NOTE: Xenon are only interchangeable with a Xenon, hence you can not put a Xenon globe in your vehicle unless you have existing Xenon lighting.

How do I know what part number my globe is?

If you are able to extract any globe from your vehicle, the part number will be written on it. e.g. common modern car headlights are H7, and cars around 10 years older or more are more likely to have H4, but we have a catalogue to identify what globes go on what vehicles, so need to worry if you can not extract your globes. In most cases we can tell just by looking at your headlight globe through the lens. NOTE: As a general guide, cars manufactured before 2000 generally have a combined headlight and high beam globe known as an H4, so you only need to change 2 globes. Cars manufactured after 2000 generally have 2 sets of light globes for lights – one for headlights, known as driving lights, and a separate one for high beams, hence they have 4 globes. This, of course, is immediately identifiable when you look at your headlights on your vehicle. The choice to upgrade either your driving lights only, or both driving lights and high beams, is always your choice as it is not compulsory to do both if you have 4 globes to replace.

The Philips Performance Range

The most popular performance globes from the Philips range are as follows;

X-treme Vision – 100% brighter which is the same colour lighting as your vehicle (“yellowish” in colour).
Blue Vision – a high quality white light which produces 4000k of light.
Crystal Vision – a bold white with blue tones to give a similar look to Xenon, producing 4300k of light.
Diamond Vision – a dazzling bright white light with even stronger blue tones than the Crystal Vision and produces 5000k of light.
Xenon H.I.D. – These globes can only replace a headlight with a Xenon globe and can not be interfitted with other systems. The quality of these globes are 300% brighter than standard headlight globes and have a life span of up to 2500 hours and consume 50% less energy . Available in standard 4200k, Ultinon Flash Clear 5000k, Ultinon Flash Cool 5700k, Ultinon Flash White 6000k and Ultinon Flash Star at an incredible 6700k.

All these globes offer excellent performance at a fraction of the price of a genuine Xenon headlight! Some of the upgrade range packs also have bonus parking and/or guard indicator globes which are 5W wedges (as the picture below) which are also a direct replacement and again a much brighter globe.